• Tenon provides

    Assistance with Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance

    through reasonable estimations of Medicare covered and non-covered expenses.

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What is an MSA?

An MSA is the preferred method of meeting the obligation to protect Medicare’s interest in the settlement of personal injury claims.

Medicare review of the Medicare Set-Aside is voluntary. Learn more about the criteria needed for submission.

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What is my obligation regarding Medicare Conditional Payments?

Medicare is entitled to reimbursement of conditional payments made for claim injuries.

Medicare may make a conditional payment when the primary payer does not pay the claim.

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When do I need a Cost Projection?

A cost projection may be done during the initial stages of a catastrophic claim to assist with setting reserves.

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When do I need a Life Care Plan?

A life care plan is done as a part of the estimate for medical damages resulting from a catastrophic injury.

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About Us & What We Do

Tenon Group PC is a national Medicare set-aside firm since 2002. Our specialty is the catastrophic personal injury work and liability. Year over year, we save our customers over millions of dollars through the application of cost containment strategies. We work with you to satisfy all sides and ensuring a agreeable outcome for all parties.


A Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (WCMSA) is a apportionment of the settlement, to be paid as determined for future medical services related to the claim injury, illness or disease.

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The Conditional Payment letter includes a payment summary of items or services that the Medicare has identified as being related to the pending claim.

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Cost Projection

A medical cost projection is an estimate of future medical care and treatment based on medical records, medical payments and pharmacy history. 

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Life Care Plan

When an individual is seriously injured the cost of medical care is difficult to estimate for the family of the injured person and the insurance company.

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